Bed Size Guide | US Standard Mattress Sizes

Monkey Bunks products follow the US standard sizes: crib mattress dimensions, twin mattress dimensions, double mattress dimensions, twin xl mattress dimensions, full mattress dimensions, full xl mattress dimensions, queen mattress dimensions, king mattress dimensions, eastern king mattress dimensions, and california king mattress dimensions (phew - got all the key words in there!).

Check out our guide below for details on the dimensions of each mattress size.

How big is a Crib mattress?

  • Length 51"/129.5cm
  • Width 28"/77cm

Crib mattresses are similar to adult mattress, but with a few special considerations. Crib mattresses are firmer than adult ones in order to keep babies safe and to support growing bones while they sleep. Make sure the mattress is rated for infant use.

How big is a Twin mattress?

  • Length 75"/191cm
  • Width 38"/97 cm

Standard twin-size mattresses are the smallest and least expensive of the standard mattress sizes. The twin size functions well for kids and adults who don't need a spacious sleeping surface and want extra room in the bedroom. You may be wondering: Is a twin mattress the same size as a double mattress? Yes! "Twin" and "double" are two words for the same thing. 

How big is a Twin XL mattress?

  • Length 80"/203cm
  • Width 38"/97

Twin XL sleeping mattresses are 5 inches longer than the twin size with the same width. Popular in apartments, twin XL mattresses are intended for tall people who are not active sleepers and need a mattress that won't occupy a lot of space in their bedroom. This size is suggested for growing teens or tall adults looking to save space and money.

How big is a Full mattress?

  • Length 75"/191cm
  • Width 53"/137 cm

Also called as a double bed, a full-size bed is large enough for a single sleeper who needs something more spacious than a twin. Full mattresses work well for active sleepers and children/teens during their transition years. While a full mattress can be used for couples, it is a bit of a cozier arrangement than a queen-sized alternative.

How big is a Full XL mattress?

  • Length 80"/203cm
  • Width 53"/137 cm

Full XL mattresses are 5 inches longer than the full with the same width. This size works well for tall, active sleepers who want the largest size intended for single-person use. 

How big is a Queen mattress?

  • Length 80"/203cm
  • Width 60"/152cm

The queen size beds have an appropriate width for sharing and the length for teens and adults. The queen size gives satisfactory space to most couples without occupying a lot of space in the room. If you're looking for a cost-effective and space-efficient bed for couples, the queen size is the one you're searching for.

How big is a King mattress?

  • Length 80"/203cm
  • Width 76"/193 cm

The King mattresses are intended for couples who need bigger sleeping mattresses and love additional space while they rest. King-size beds provide plenty of space for one person to move without disturbing their sleep partner. So you know, standard king mattresses are also called "Eastern King" mattresses. 

How big is a California King mattress?

  • Length 84"/213cm
  • Width 72"/183 cm

The California king size is 4 inches narrower than the standard king size, however, it is additionally 4 inches longer than the king and queen size. Made for taller people and couples, this bed guarantees that your feet won't hang over the edge of the bed. California King mattresses are a luxurious choice for master bedrooms.