About Us

We believe in making the most of your space. As we like to think of it, your square footage may be limited, but imagination, dreams, and creativity are not! 

Better Bunks

Why an online bunk bed store, you might ask? Well, when we needed bunk beds and loft beds for our kids and teens, we found that most brick-and-mortar stores had lousy selections - sometimes just a few items in the darkest corner of the showroom. These specialty furniture pieces, that bring so much joy and fun and memories to childhood, teenage years, dorm life and hosteling, shouldn't be relegated to the back of the warehouse. And so Monkey Bunks was born - as an online store that celebrates convenient, space-saving and delightful furniture.

More than Bunks

You'll be glad to know that we carry much more than bunks! Expect to increasingly see other bedroom furniture and home solution options for you and yours throughout our site over time. 

At this time, we have an amazing variety of playsets, playhouses, and other items to make your home full of happy activity!

Better Business

We believe in fostering a triple-bottom line - so much so that's we officially registered as a Benefits Company. That means that doing good for the planet, and doing business in an ethical way, is cemented into our way of working and our formal corporate accountabilities. 

Resilient Families

As part of our commitment to a better world, Monkey Bunks  supports Family Promise. Family Promise is a US charity that supports families experiencing homelessness or who are at risk of homelessness.

In the United States today, one child out of six lives in poverty, and one in thirty will experience homelessness. Families with children make up 35% of the people experiencing homelessness in the United States today.

Like Family Promise, we believe that every child deserves a home. 

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Forest Love

Our little HQ is based on the west coast, where logging is a major industry. Our grandparents and our great grandparents logged in our pacific wonderland🌲🌲🌲. We love beautiful wood products and we love our trees too!

We have a commitment to increasing the number of FSC-certified, Greenguard certified, and organic products in our offerings. This is a shift we are making so please expect an evolution to be reflected in our catalogue over time.

For more information, please see our:

Carbon Offset for Shipping

Breathe easier knowing that we partner with shipping services that offset 100% of CO₂ emissions from the shipment of your new bunk or loft bed to you!

How is the carbon offset? We use the services of One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every single deliver - no matter how big or small! This way the CO₂ emitted in its transport is more than offset through the planting of new trees. These trees are largely planted in the Pacific Northwest.

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Our Commitment to Improvement

Sustainable Furniture Council Member

We aim to have a more positive impact on the earth and in our communities every year. As members of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, we are part of a community of business who care about the triple bottom line and keep one another accountable to a higher bar of social and environmental consciousness.

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We hope you and your monkeys enjoy our bunks! 🐒

Contact Us

Email: hello@monkeybunks.com (or use our contact form!)

Phone: 1-844-269-2865

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Monkey Bunks Furnishings Ltd, Suite A02, 810 Humboldt Street Victoria BC V8V 5B1 Canada