HAUS Safety

Safe use and warning information:
+ This toy is not suitable for children under 3 years old.
+ Haus is CA Prop 65 compliant.
+ Pinch and abrasion hazard. This toy may contain sharp edges if broken or cracked.
+ The assembly and use instructions must be followed. Not following the instructions could lead to serious injury, including death.
+ Ages 3-8 with adult supervision only.
+ This toy is meant for use on the ground only. Use on flat, dry, and hard surfaces only.
+ This toy is for indoor use as the product cannot be used on uneven surfaces, wind, or other inclement weather.
+ Do not cut or alter the toy in any way as it could compromise the integrity of the structure.
+ Do not climb on, lean on, sit on, the toy.
+ Do not place any objects over 5 pounds on top of, or against, the structure.
+ Do not use near any heat source or open flame.
+ Assemble according to the assembly instructions only – adult assembly required.
+ Use only non-toxic, washable non-tempera-based paints, and markers on structure or staining may occur.