The Ins-and-Outs of Bunk Beds for Kids

Why Bunk Beds Are the Coolest!

If your childhood memories involve bunk bed forts and spaceships, nightly sibling storytelling marathons and galactic struggles over the upper realm of the bunk bed empire, maybe you’re considering carrying on the tradition for your own little minions. Or perhaps you find yourself with limited room space and are just looking for a practical space-saving solution to get yourself and/or your kids organized. Either way, the bunk bed is a classic but innovative and versatile piece of furniture that offers more benefits than meet the eye – for kids and adults alike!

We all struggle to some degree with prioritizing and making the most of our space. Whether it’s getting your kids to co-exist in the same room and still have some floor space to play with all those darn toys that would otherwise end up in the living room…or finding a way to fit your bed, your work space and your piano into your bedroom (because, we get it, you can’t face the rest of the family’s critical take on your rendition of Greensleeves)…the bunk bed is just one of the most obvious and easiest ways to gain some ground by utilizing vertical space.

What are the Benefits of Using a Bunk Bed?

When it comes to kids’ rooms, space saving is just one of the many reasons that bunk beds are a great idea. Bunks also come with a bunch of social, relational and psychological benefits. For siblings, rooming together provides an important opportunity for building those key social skills you wish you could just ‘install’ on the kiddie hard drive – like sharing, understanding differences, and considering the needs of others.

It also helps the transition from depending solely on mommy and daddy for comfort, to learning to build friendships and find support in other relationships.

 While simply sharing a room can definitely create this kind of environment, there’s something about the design of bunk beds that makes kids feel like they’re in a world of their own, where they can share secrets and stir each other’s imagination, creating that extra level of childhood bonding.

On the purely practical side, having their own bunk allows your kids to each have their own individualized, private space, even though they have to share the rest of the room.

Mounting a light on each bunk also means you can have separate bed times if necessary – no worries about disturbing little Jonny’s sleep routine when big sis is up reading Harry Potter all night.

And there’s no reason to think bunk beds are only for sibling scenarios. Any kid will love having a bunk to turn into their own private kingdom, and when it’s time for a sleepover, there’s no need to give up the living room, or burst an artery trying to blow up the inflatable mattress.

Are Bunk Beds Safe for kids?

There are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that your kids' bunk bed experience is secure. Parents are advised not to let kids under the age of 6 sleep on a top bunk, and to install safety rails on both sides of the bed if they’re not a built-in feature. A sturdy frame design will prevent any rocking, but if this is any concern, simply ensure the bunk is firmly secured to the wall. Finally, don’t forget to think about the little details, like a night light to make steps or ladders easier to navigate, and of course the bigger details, like the proximity of the ceiling fan… 

And of note for adults and older teens who appreciate the space-saving nature of bunk beds, you'll want to ensure that the weight capacity of the bed is sufficient for a full-grown human. Some kids' beds are not designed to hold more than 160 pound, for example, including the weight of the mattress.

Decorating Ideas for Your Kid's Bedroom with the Best Types of Bunk Beds

When little imaginations are at play, a bunk bed can be all things to all little people. But it can also be many useful things to both the maturing and grown-up varieties. We’ve already mentioned the main idea of maximizing vertical space by virtue of having two (or even three) beds in one.

But this also goes to a whole other level with the concept of multifunctional or combo bunk beds that incorporate shelving, desk space and other cool storage options. Even with more traditional designs, mid-level bunk beds offer under-bed storage (aka. awesome hide-and-seek spot), and the option of a built-in or DIY trundle bed.

 Bunk beds are nothing if not versatile. If the time comes that one of your kids decides they’ve outgrown their bunk, the unused level can be turned into a handy storage space, play area or workspace. A lot of traditional bunk beds also have the option of being taken apart, so you can still convert to single beds if this becomes a more practical route.

Why Parents Are Crazy about Bunk Beds

How often do we get the chance to get away from our crazy work, school, study & homemaking schedules? A bunk bed lets your kids feel like they’re going camping indoors, escaping on their own personal getaway.

And an adult bunk or loft bed could do the same for you. Who says bunk beds are just for kids? You may just be amazed at some of the modern, stylish and creative designs out there that are bound to bring out the adventurous kid in you. Because let’s be honest, growing up can be overrated!