How to Choose the Perfect Bed for Your Kid

Although a high-quality bed is certainly an investment, it’s essential for maintaining bone and muscle health while also helping your little one to get the best night’s sleep possible! With so many kids beds available on the market, it can be difficult to know where to begin, particularly if you’re choosing a bed online. 

When it comes to selecting the best kids bed for your child, it is a very personal process that depends on your family’s needs, as well as the size of your kid’s bedroom. However, every different type of bed comes with pros and cons, which are key factors in determining which bed you choose. 

If you’re in the buying process, be sure to read this guide before making any purchases so that you can select the most comfortable and ergonomic bed for your toddler, child, or teenager’s living space. 

How to Choose a Bed Size

When it comes to selecting a bed, the first decision you need to make is the size of bed that you’re searching for. If you’re after a kid’s bed for small spaces, choosing a single/twin (75” x 39”) may be the best option for you. For older kids and teenagers, a regular single may be a bit on the small side, so opting for a longer twin XL (80” x 39”) or even a full  (a.k.a. double, 75” x 54”) may be a more practical option while still being suitable for smaller spaces.

If you’re after a larger bed for a teenager, or a bed that can accommodate two of your children, a full XL (80” x 54”), or a queen bed (80” x 60”) may be the best choice for you. When considering which size bed you want to select, it’s best to take measurements of your child’s bedroom so that you can plan precisely where the bed will be placed and how much floor space it will take up. Then, once you’ve decided on a mattress/frame size, you can begin browsing different types of beds to see which will best suit your family’s individual needs.

Which Type of Bed is Best? 

Platform Beds

PROS: One of the most common types of modern bed frames, platform beds offer a single-level bed base that can support a mattress without the need for box springs. Many use wooden slats as an alternative to springs, which often results in them being more affordable and breathable, as the spaces between the slats allow for improved air circulation. Because of this, they are perfect for those living in hot climates. Plus, they can be used with virtually any kind of mattress, and often have a lower profile than traditional bed frames, making them more compact while still offering storage space underneath. 


The Bella Mid-Century Modern Solid Wood Full Platform Bed in Gray

CONS: Some platform beds can be quite low to the ground. For children who have asthma and who may be sensitive to dust, a higher bed may be more suitable. Be mindful of the height of the bed if dust sensitivity is a concern.

Think that a platform bed could be the right option for you? At Monkey Bunks, we offer a range of kids platform beds, such as our classic Dylan Twin Single Bed which is perfect for small bedrooms. For older kids or bedrooms with more floor space, our Bella Mid-Century Modern Platform Bed is an excellent option, available in larger sizes and offering a stylish finish that will complement any room. 

Loft Beds

PROS: While many are unfamiliar with loft beds, they can be one of the most effective ways to create additional storage space in your child’s bedroom, making them perfect for small rooms. Sometimes referred to as high sleepers, loft beds are essentially bunk beds without the bottom bunk, meaning the space below the bed is left empty to create more floor space. Some loft beds even feature built-in storage for easy organisation of all your kid’s belongings. 

CONS: While loft beds are great for older children (ages 6 and up), they are not suitable for toddlers as the child is required to climb steps or a ladder to reach the raised bed. Some frames also require relatively high ceilings to fit comfortably in a room, so be sure to take measurements before ordering a loft bed. 

The Monkey Bunks, our selection of kids loft beds has something to suit everybody, such as our Whitesville Mini Twin Loft Bed – a great affordable option for young children with limited floor space (and options of adding under-bed storage and a slide!). For older kids, our Cargo Twin Loft Bed with Desk is a great all-in-one storage and bed solution, with a built-in desk for homework, studying, and reading. 

The Whitesville Mini Twin Loft Bed

Bunk Beds

PROS: Bunk beds are one of the most popular options for families with two kids, offering both a top and bottom bunk to save space. They are perfect for siblings who are after more independence while still being in the same bedroom, as they create a more private sleeping arrangement. Plus, they’re excellent for sleepovers!

CONS: While bunk beds can help to save space, they can be heavy and difficult to manoeuvre when setting them up in your child’s bedroom. And, much like loft beds, they aren’t suitable for young children (under 6 years old) as a ladder is required to reach the top bunk. 

Monkey Bunks offer an array of children’s space-saving bunk beds, such as the sleek and compact Alanda Contemporary Metal Bunk Bed in Green, which is ideal for young kids. If you have a big family and want the option of having a twin and a full bed all in one, the Beyer Cottage Solid Wood Twin over Full Bunk Bed is the perfect option and looks great in any modern home. We even have a selection of triple bunks available for the biggest of broods! 

The Peppermint Twin over Twin Bunk Bed

Floor Beds

PROS: Unlike traditional bed frames and platform beds, floor beds do not have any slats, and the mattress sits on the floor itself. The absence of a raised bed frame offers a clean and simple look, while often being more affordable than large bedframes. Plus, they are great for young kids as there is less risk of accidents and injury. And toys and other items don't get lost under the bed!

CONS: While floor beds are generally affordable, they can cause the mattress to deteriorate at a faster rate, which can lead to more frequent repurchasing. Floor beds also leave you with no under-bed storage space, so they might not be the best option for small bedrooms with limited storage. 

The simple, minimalist, and often creative styles in floor beds makes them a hard option to resist!

The Teepee Tent Twin Bed

Our fun and unique Teepee Tent Twin Bed is sure to be a favourite among younger children, and is ultra-affordable if you have a small budget but still want a stylish and sturdy bed for your kid’s bedroom. For families with two children, the Tree House Bunk Bed combines the practicality of both a floor bed and a double bunk, in a cute, treehouse-style bed that is perfect for kids over the age of six, or older kids with a younger sibling.

If you have any questions or need help choosing a bed, please do contact us