Going bananas for our new logo!

We are excited to share our new company logo!

We wanted a fresh new logo that reflected the fun and friendliness of our store, and the love for all the little monkeys enjoying our furniture.

After many, many iterations with our designers we landed on this new logo, which looks alive with its ears and tail! The tuft on the end of the tail was a detail inspired by wild monkeys. 

In honour of our new logo, we have sponsored an orphaned monkey though PASA, the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance.

Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA)

PASA boasts 23 sanctuaries and wildlife centers in 13 different countries across Africa. These safe places are game-changers for primates. Collectively, PASA sanctuaries care for over 3,000 animals!

Monkey Bunks' reoccurring donation will feed an orphaned baby ape every single month. It is easy to do! You can also help PASA rescue the next ape or monkey by visiting: https://pasa.org/donate/ 

Photo credit: PASA.org