Easy and Affordable Updates for Kids Rooms

Easy and Affordable Updates for Kids Rooms

Repainting a room in a new colour or new bed linens can go a long way to renew a space. There are many creative ways to mix it up in your kid's room that don't involve spending a fortune or hiring an interior designer. Changing the arrangement of the furniture in the bedroom, repurposing furniture from other parts of the house, or investing in a couple of unique trends, here are some fun ideas to make a room look like a completely new space. 

Involve Them in the Process

If you’re planning on repainting the room, getting some new bed linens, or adding a couple of new odds and ends, involve your child in the decision—even if you think that painting the entire room khaki green is a terrible idea, you can try a bit of negotiation, but ultimately let you child decide what they want—it’s supposed to be their space after all! 

Some Current Trends

Depending on what your child prefers, there really are no rules to follow when it comes to changing the colour scheme of the room. Bold, primary colours are quite the trend right now, especially for boys' rooms, while at the other end of the spectrum, soft, pastel colours are also in vogue, especially for girls’ rooms. Repainting a room also doesn’t mean painting the entire wall in one colour, or all the walls one colour try a different favorite colour on each wall or splash a wide brightly coloured band of colour on a white background. Themed wallpaper is also an option, and bold floral patterns are again a favorite for a girl’s room. Making 3D wall hangings with a favorite theme is another fun way to turn a wall into a flight of fancy! 

Take Your Child to Choose a New Rug

It may sound like a simple thing but changing the floor covering of a room can make quite a big difference. The variety of rugs and floor coverings available means that you (or your child) can find something that appeals to them, whether it’s a monochrome bright primary colour, a printed rug, a themed rug from a favorite movie or story, a rug that depicts an aerial view of city streets...the options are endless!

Make a Chalkboard Out of a Wall

A really affordable and fun thing to do is to paint a wall or a section of a wall with paint that dries to form a chalkboard, where to-do lists, creative pictures, learning to count or learning the alphabet, or simple doodles in a variety of coloured chalk creates a space that not only adds to the décor of the room, but engages your child to draw, write, colour, and change it any way they want whenever they want. 

Frame and Hang Your Kids' Drawings

Why not sit with your child and go through the piles of drawings, finger paintings, handprints, or paint-by-number projects they’ve done over the years and choose a couple to frame and hang on bedroom walls. It personalizes the space and may just awaken your child’s inner artist by creating the impression that what they make is “real” art that can be framed and used to decorate their space. 

 Make Art Project or Photo Chains

With the same idea, string up a bunch of your kid's artworks, interspersed with colourful bunting, pieces of fabric, and photographs of friends and family as a wall hanging above the bed or doorframe. You can even simply put up a string that stretches from one end of the bedroom to the other and clip anything and everything on with miniature clothes pegs, or those small clips used to keep sheets of paper together. 

Add a Funky Light Fixture

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to lampshades and light fixtures, from something as simple as a woven sphere to cover the lightbulb, to fabric coverings that change the colour of the room completely at night. Strings of fairy lights above the bed or along the ceiling, lightbulb covers in all shapes and sizes...you can shop online or in-person for something brand new or hit a couple of flea markets and garage sales for any idea or object that can add to a funkified kid’s room—with their approval of course!

 Glow in the Dark Wall Paint, Furniture, Ceiling Stickers, and Bed Linen

Here you can definitely run wild with ideas, and none of them will cost you a fortune. Glow in the dark plastic stars and planets, animals and flowers, or even a map of the world on the ceiling or on the walls can change the whole atmosphere of the room, while simultaneously providing little pinpoints of light for a child who’s afraid of the dark. The idea of having an object that glows in the dark has moved onto printing fabrics for bed linens and curtains with glow in the dark dye, transforming a room after “lights out” into a scene from the movie Avatar.  

Chuck in a Couple of Bright Bean Bags or Hanging Hammock-Style Seats

There could possibly be nothing easier than finding a couple of brightly coloured beanbags to scatter around the room.

A popular trend at the moment is to create seating with hammock-style hanging chairs fastened securely to a strong beam (don’t try and nail it to cardboard thin ceiling board!).

By the same token, and not necessarily requiring strong ceiling beams are hanging objects of whatever takes your child’s fancy, from hot air balloons, paper flowers, coloured plastic globes that look like floating bubbles...if it’s light and unlikely to shatter you can hang them all over the place! Consider some indoor hanging plants which can be hung lower to the ground—to kid level basically—if your little one has green fingers and likes a bit of the outdoors, indoors.

Lastly, check out these bed and bunk bed canopies from Domestic Objects

They provide an instant special space for your kiddos with next to no effort. That is our kind of bedroom re-vamp!